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first day out – donald trump

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“first day out – donald trump”.

I wanna go to LA
Shout out Patriot J, Benny Johnson, Big Bongino, Alex Jones
Free my dogs on lockup
The radical left’s gone crazy

Out on bail, out on bail
I won’t see inside a cell
Shout out Thugga, free my slime
Slat slat, Y-S-L
They tryna lock me up
But I’m plugged in in A-T-L
Got homies doing life in jail
They living in hell
These DA’s acting silly
My mugshot is worth a billi
Sold some merch and made a milli
Shout out Meek Milli, out in Philly
Shout to Da Baby, shout to De Sosa
Benny Butcher, them my rollers
Call me racist?
But these rappers riding with me
They my soldiers
Maga, Maga, Maga
I am not who they’re after
I’m just in the way
They want to get to you
But I won’t let them
Cold-hеarted, no I’m modest
Getting back to whеre I started
I don’t need to do the race
I’ma beat them RICO charges
And if I go to prison
You can’t do me like the Clintons
I’ll be laid up, eating steak with Secret Service chillin’
Screaming “orange man bad!”
The whole world mad
Thug life, shout out all of my Maga based chads
Coming for the deep state
I will stop the New World Order
But before that I’ll finish walls at the border

YSL, slat slat, shout out Thugga
Finny got nothing on us

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